Watch the Walking Bass & Comping for Jazz Guitar online guitar lesson by Sean McGowan from Walking Bass & Comping for Jazz Guitar

Thanks so much for joining me - I think this is a wonderful style of guitar to explore, and playing basslines on guitar is a new practice for many, but a rewarding practice. It's a great exercise to listen to music and focus solely on the basslines - we're so used to focusing on the guitar parts, but it's nice to just focus on what the bass player is doing and apply some of that language on the guitar.

My earliest influences in this style included Tuck Andress, Earl Klugh, and of course Joe Pass, Lenny Breau, and Ike Isaacs. There are many masters of this style, but it's also to just go to the source and listen to a lot of wonderful classic jazz bass players. This is a super fun and rewarding to play on guitar - it's musically rewarding because you're getting all these multiple parts happening. There's opportunities to explore rhythm and lot's of harmonic substitutions. But, it's also a very practical way of playing the guitar, because as a soloist, you can get gigs at places that wouldn't necessarily hire a bassist and a drummer. Now you can go and work and you're the rhythm section - you can either get a solo guitar gig or a duo gig and offer a very full way of accompanying a singer, trumpet, saxophonist.

Thanks for joining me, I'm Sean McGowan, if you'd like to learn more about my music or any of the CD's I have that feature solo guitar, then please visit my website at, and I look forward to seeing you in the next series!