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Watch the Swingin' online guitar lesson by Fareed Haque from Soul Jazz Survival Guide

Even though we've only just covered this idea of swing, we jazz musicians could, can, and do speak volumes about this subject. The swung eighth note. Each player has her or his own version of this, and even many different ways to play swung and straight eighths. It's a deep subject. This is what gets you up to dance. This is what gets the paychecks flowing. This is the money shot.

Wes Montgomery's B3 player, the great Melvyn Rhyne, was once asked, in a formal academic setting, exactly how he would determine the "correct tempo for a given composition". His response? "You've got to keep an eye on the ladies' booties, and when they start a-shakin', well, then you know you got it right." Sorry if that's not PC enough for some of you these days, but that's the truth, and sometimes it stings a bit. So, spend time listening and working on different types of swung eighths...until your booty starts a-shakin! Then you'll know you got it right.