Watch the Tell a Story online guitar lesson by Paul Brown from Smooth Jazz Handbook

The thing about instrumental music is we don't have those lyrics listen to while you're listening to the song, which are telling a story of their own. The melody itself, depending on how you play it, can have a real impact on the listener. You can just play the same notes but you can play them in a way that you are using your soul and trying to communicate through your guitar the story that's being told of the song. It's a weird concept but you really need to feel it. It's interesting when you hear some guitar players - you're listening to the notes, you can see technically that something is going on and you can appreciate from a technical end. But then you hear another guitar player who plays more simply, more soulfully - what is that? It's literally coming from the soul, they're getting their emotion out through their guitar. That is what I mean by tell a story.