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Watch the Less is Much, Much More online guitar lesson by Paul Brown from Smooth Jazz Handbook

Here we look at the idea of using restraint and the idea that the rest is just as important as a note. When you are playing an arpeggio and playing any melodic structure, the rests need to have their complete length. You hear about people who rush when they play or cramming in too many notes. Those rests are really important. It's super important as a drummer, when you are playing on beat 2 and beat 4 - the rest of beat 3 has to be the correct length. It's the same with guitar, when you are playing a melodic line the rests are very important. They give more importance to the note that follows and the one that went before so they don't get all cramped together. When that note comes it has impact. You can say a lot with a little. Restraint is extremely important in smooth jazz. You have to pick your notes and they have to be the right notes, and they have to have the right duration, and the rests have to have the right duration.