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Watch the Beginning, Middle & End online guitar lesson by Paul Brown from Smooth Jazz Handbook

Let's talk about soloing. In smooth jazz it's a little bit different than jazz. As we've stated to stay within the constraints of the song itself and not go too far away from that. But it's important to have a beginning, a middle and an end to a solo. Typically I'll start a solo section, really reflecting the melody and taking it to a new place. Entering the solo in the beginning with a pretty melodic idea with a similar phraseology. Then, in the middle I'll start getting a little more vague and throwing in a little more blues licks. Then at the end of a solo I'll go higher on the neck of the guitar and end with a crescendo of some kind so that the solo has an arc to it. It starts melodic and then it goes off into a little bit more of an ad-lib situation, then ends with something that brings you back to the song but has a high impact to it.