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Watch the Up a Flat 3rd: Alt. Dom. II-V-I online guitar lesson by Kenny Wessel from Shades of Jazz

Pentatonic mania: Here is a very hip idea that guitarists will love. On the II-7 chord now lets use the minor pentatonic built a 5th above the root of that chord. Its another pentatonic that works over a minor seventh chord and gives us some cool upper extensions out of the minor seventh chord, in this case, the 5, b7, root, 9 and 11. So now we have a G minor pentatonic or G blues scale (over the C-7), to an Ab minor pentatonic (over the F7#9b13) to an A minor pentatonic scale (over the Bbmaj7). That's 3 scales a half step away from each other. Pretty easy to visualize on the guitar! There are some very colorful notes and tensions in these pentatonics, check it out!