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Watch the Up a 5th: Sus Sound online guitar lesson by Kenny Wessel from Shades of Jazz

Here is an interesting application for our minor pentatonic blues scale: if we play a minor pentatonic scale a 5th up from the root of our Dominant 7th chord (in this case, we'll be playing a Dom7sus4 chord), we get a suspended dominant sound. For instance, if we play a G minor pentatonic scale over a C7 chord, the chord tones/tensions generated are: 5, b7, root, 9, and 11. This gives us a handy suspended dominant scale choice, when we're playing over that harmony. With a C7 sus, we usually want to avoid the major 3rd and lay on the 11th or 4th a bit more strongly, so this scale avoids that 3rd and gives us a couple of colors to play (9, 11).