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Watch the Shades of Jazz online guitar lesson by Kenny Wessel from Shades of Jazz

Hi, thanks for checking out Shades of Jazz! What we're going to explore in this course is how to use some of the basic tools and vocabulary that most of us already have as guitarists and to apply them in new ways in order to expand our harmonic language and open up our playing. We'll take simple building blocks like pentatonic scales, blues scales, phrygian modes, major and minor triads, and put them in different contexts to enter into some new musical territory. Some of the areas that we will be investigating by using these tools are: altered dominant functions, Lydian modes, suspended sounds, and playing over II-V-I progressions. I also hope to expose some of you rock and blues players to the harmonies and beauty of jazz, and to find ways to use the techniques and understanding that you already have to gain entry to this world.

I've been playing jazz guitar and teaching for a number of years and this course presents material that I think will open a door for some of you into some new and exciting ways of playing, and expose you to some new sounds and techniques. I've worked with a number of musicians from the jazz, world music and pop universe, including, Ornette Coleman, Badal Roy, Donald Fagen, Karl Berger, Adam Rudolph, John Abercrombie, Debashish Bhattacharya and many others. We all share a common language: music, soul and expression.

Watch the videos, play with the backing tracks, trade phrases and licks with me, study the fingerings, positions and transcriptions included in the course and have fun practicing! I hope you enjoy checking out the material as much as I did getting it together for you.