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Watch the Phrygian: Dom. Over II-V-I online guitar lesson by Kenny Wessel from Shades of Jazz

We're still playing over the same vamp as in the previous segment: 1 bar of A-7, 1 bar of D7b9b13, and 2 bars of Gmaj7. Now we'd like to explore how to play over these three chords by voice leading, playing more smoothly. I'm endeavoring to keep all three scales in the same position. We're moving from A dorian (which is a mode of G major), to D Phrygian (which is a mode of Bb major), and resolving to G major. So if we're familiar with our G major and Bb major scale positions, we should be able to play and connect these scales pretty fluently (like we did in an earlier exercise voice-leading the G and Bb major scales). This way of playing is a bit more smooth and connected then in the previous segment where I moved ideas visually around the fretboard.