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Watch the Alt. Pentatonics: Dom. Sound online guitar lesson by Kenny Wessel from Shades of Jazz

Lets work together and trade phrases on the altered pentatonics we've just covered. We'll work with an II-V-I progression: D-7 / G7alt / CMaj7 (this is a 4 bar phrase, let's take two passes through the progression each, that's 8 bars). We can start by playing a D pentatonic minor for the D-7 chord, and then we can use the Eb major b6 pentatonic mode over the G7alt and resolve to a C major scale over the Cmaj7 (we could also play a B minor pentatonic here for a lydian sound). After practicing this a handful of times, then we'll use substitute the Ab major b3 pentatonic scale over the G7alt chord. Then you can use either of the dominant scale choices when you get to the V7alt chord. We're definitely in the altered dominant universe here with these sounds, check out the tensions over the V7 chord and be aware of how they resolve to the I chord. You're in the briar patch now.