Watch the Duck Walk online guitar lesson by Gil Parris from NYC Rhythm & Blues

This next song is a composition of mine entitled "Duck Walk," which was recorded on my "Jam This" record, as well as with Randy Brecker on trumpet on my new release, "Strength." This version shows some more pedal steel ideas with several trademark bends, unusual octaves, and jazz lines. I will break down the bass line, as well as the interesting chord melodies. I play the head in a chord melody style.
I'm going to show you the Duck Walk melody here because there are many insights in this melody. First I'm going to show you the bass line, the bass line with some chords, and then I play the head in a chord melody style with some unique voicings and then some clusters: 2nds, 6ths, and some voicings of minor 2nds. There's a lot that can be utilized here to harmonize your own melodies.

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