Watch the Comping online guitar lesson by Gil Parris from NYC Rhythm & Blues

In breaking down the comping for "Blue Thumb" there's really a lot going on here. I'll be downpicking 3rds, a great rhythmic style that I like to utilize especially when there's a keyboard player and you don't want to fill up too much sonic space. I'll also show you some tritone subs and when comping for the bass solo I'll show you how to throw in a bass line behind the bass player. There'll be turnarounds to push the solo into the next section and different chord stab ideas. Definitely a lot to utilize in your own playing.
Video 2 is really bebop 101. I'm going to show you some targeting and string skips and how to piggy back phrases to give your bebop playing an organized sound. I'll also delve into bebop scales adding things like a major 3rd over a minor chord and some more advanced targeting. These concepts really go a long way and you can utilize these things in many different styles.

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