Watch the Polymetric Cycle online guitar lesson by Bruce Arnold from NYC Jazz Guitar Summit

A richly gifted composer, improviser and guitarist, Dusan Bogdanovic has explored musical languages that are reflected in his style today - a unique synthesis of classical, jazz and ethnic music. As a soloist and in collaboration with other artists, Bogdanovic has toured extensively throughout Europe, Asia and the United States. His performing and recording activities include work with chamber groups of diverse stylistic orientations including The Falla Guitar Trio and jazz collaborations with James Newton, Milcho Leviev, Charlie Haden, Miroslav Tadic, Mark Nauseef, Anthony Cox and others. He has over fifty published compositions ranging from guitar and piano solo works to chamber and orchestral ensembles (Berben, GSP, Doberman-Yppan et al.), as well as close to twenty recordings ranging from Bach Trio Sonatas to contemporary works (Intuition, GSP, Doberman-Yppan, M.A. Recordings et al.) In this series of videos, Dusan discusses the somewhat obscure subejct of polyrhythm and polymeter. He elaborates on how the origins of these concepts and how polyrhythm is popular around the world in places like Africa and the Balkans. Using demonstrative examples, you'll see how these concepts can be applied to your own playing and give you a better and more cultured understanding in the world of rhythm.

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