Watch the Drop 2 and Drop 3 online guitar lesson by Bruce Arnold from NYC Jazz Guitar Summit

Jazz guitarist Roni Ben-Hur has earned a sterling reputation as a musician and educator, renowned for his golden tone, improvisational brilliance, compositional lyricism and ability to charm peers, students and listeners alike. Eminent jazz critic Gary Giddins wrote in the Village Voice: "A limber and inventive guitarist, Ben-Hur keeps the modernist flame alive and pure, with a low flame burning in every note... [He's] a guitarist who knows the changes and his own mind." Ben-Hur - born in Israel in 1962 but a longtime American citizen, now based in New Jersey - has released nine albums as leader or co-leader, with Time Out New York calling him "a formidable and consummately lyrical guitarist." The Star-Ledger of New Jersey summed him up this way: "A deep musician, a storyteller, Ben-Hur works with a warm, glowing sound and has an alluring way of combining engaging notes with supple rhythm." Along with releasing acclaimed educational products - including the instructional DVD Chordability and method book Talk Jazz: Guitar - Ben-Hur has directed international jazz camps for nearly 15 years. Jazz guitar star Russell Malone got it right when he said: "Everything Roni does is beautiful. He has the magic touch."

Roni’s series takes a look at guitar accompaniment. He talks about how it is important to not conflict with the soloist, demonstrates drop 2 and drop 3 chord voicings and performs rhythms that really highlight these concepts. Also covered in this segment is the role of the guitarist in comping, and understanding your place within a band context as a guitarist. In the wrap-up interview Roni discusses what makes New York City such a special city for jazz.

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