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Watch the Modern Chord Melody online guitar lesson by John Stowell from Modern Chord Melody

Modern Chord Melody Introductory
Welcome to my TrueFire course. Some thoughts that I will articulate as you move through my material bear repeating here: When exposed to a lot of new information, don't be intimidated or assume that the material is beyond your grasp. I prefer to see music as many small subjects, and I rotate my time and energy between them, being led by my progress and intuition. Our development as musicians seldom happens as quickly as we would like, and our playing almost never satisfies us. But we can use our perception of ourselves as lifelong students to motivate and shape us. Document your practicing and playing on tape to evaluate your progress; seek out like-minded musicians to share ideas with, discuss theory and its application in tunes. Play with as many good people as possible, listen to others (both your peers and the great players of the past), expand your repertoire, compose. Create an environment for yourself in which it's fun to learn and improve, and so you shall.
The purpose of my course is to help you build your own chord vocabulary and learn to incorporate new shapes and sounds into your own arrangements, accompaniments and solos. In my experience, the best way to familiarize yourself with new chords/inversions is in the context of leraning new material; here we will use five of my original tunes. As you improve your ability to visualize and create new chords by combining familiar shapes with new combinations of intervals, your harmonic palette as a soloist will also grow. I hope that my concept of chords and their applications will serve as a catalyst for you to discover your own voice as you progress through my course. We're embarking on a wonderful journey together. Let's support, encourage and inspire each other and aspire to the highest level of musicianship we can imagine. My Mel Bay book/DVD "Jazz Guitar Mastery" (available from TrueFire) may also be useful to you in your studies. If you'd like to hear recorded versions of my original tunes in this course, they are on "Scenes-Along the Way", a trio CD with bass (Jeff Johnson) and drums (John Bishop) (Origin Records), and "Heres or Theres" a duo CD with vocalist Cheryl Hodge.
I Wish - It may be useful to see the melodies of my tunes as originally written first to appreciate my embellished versions of the songs as they evolved in performance over the years. We can (and should) take some creative license as improvising musicians to interpret and change the melody to a tune as we become familiar with it. The beauty of this course is the ease with which the student can sample from all of the video banks. I encourage you to follow your own instincts and look at my material in a variety of chronologies.