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Watch the Ghost In The Corner online guitar lesson by John Stowell from Modern Chord Melody

Ghost In the Corner
The melody as written employs a mixed meter, using 6/4 and 4/4 time signatures. I don't consider myself really fluent in the use of odd meters, so it's ironic that several of my tunes in this course use multiple time signatures. Like anything else in music, repeated exposure to odd meters will create an affinity for them. I still often find myself counting the beats in my head as I'm improvising in 6/4 or 7/4, but over time you will feel the pulse in these meters as you would in 4/4. Listen to bassist Dave Holland's quintet to get a tutorial in applications of a wide variety of different time signatures.
This melody uses a number of different dominant chords with tensions, the so-called altered sounds (raised and lowered 5th and 9ths). I'm employing open strings in many of the chords of the melody. There's quite a bit of space and "breathing" in this particular theme.
The melody played on the guitar tuned a major third down is the embellished version. It took me some time to be able to feel comfortable with hearing anything with this lower pitch, but I now enjoy the sound; I'll often use my lower-tuned instrument when playing solo or in a duo without bass. Some care is required with the right hand, as the open strings tend to sustain longer than open strings tuned to concert pitch.