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Watch the Extended Perf./Breakdown online guitar lesson by John Stowell from Modern Chord Melody

Extended Perf. Breakdown One of the things I try to accomplish in this solo is a smooth transition between 1/8th and 1/16th notes. With a slow waltz, the trick is to keep a consistent tempo, especially when playing alone. Practicing with a metronome is invaluable to help develop a a strong internal pulse and develop an affinity for playing over the bar line and understanding metric modulation.
This tune has a number of dominant chords in the progression. I'm using a minimum amount of tension and embellishment in the melody, but employing more altered tonalities in my solo. There are some simple substitutions using the melodic and harmonic minor scales in a variety of keys over a dominant chord that will give you quick access to a lot of great sounds. I'll discuss these in detail in "Jasper.."#4 video#2. I like to think of harmony as existing in layers; the basic information that comprises the foundation is the four triads (major,minor,augmented and diminished) and the basic four note arpeggios (1-3-5-7) for the 5 chord qualities (major, dominant, minor, half diminished, diminished). The embellishments/tensions are added spontaneously to the different chords based on the context and approaches of the musicians you're playing with. Labelling information and breaking it down into component parts helps you to absorb and assimilate it faster.