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Watch the Extended Perf./Breakdown online guitar lesson by John Stowell from Modern Chord Melody

Extended Perf. Breakdown - In the breakdown of my performance, notice that I'm employing the full range of the instrument as I improvise with chords and single lines. That skill is acquired gradually; you begin by playing chords, scales and arpeggios in five positions and then creating fingerings that combine those individual positions. Gradually you will see the neck as a series of connected harmonies, and with that level of skill and dexterity comes the ability to improvise with confidence anywhere on the neck. Learning chord melodies (and eventually creating your own arrangements) not only increases your chord vocabulary but will also give you the ability to transition smoothly between chords and single notes as part of the execution of the melody. That skill can then be applied to your ability as a soloist as well.
I generally favor the wider intervals derived from arpeggios and unusual chord shapes when I improvise. You'll discover your own harmonic preferences by trial and error and by listening to others. Another element I try to use in many of my solos is some reference to the melody of the tune. One way to avoid recycling licks is to use the theme (or some modified version of it); all great improvisers do this sometimes. It's good to ground your solos in the context of the tune.