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Watch the Extended Perf./Breakdown online guitar lesson by John Stowell from Modern Chord Melody

Extended Perf. Breakdown The breakdown of the extended performance has some applications of theory and harmony that have broader implications as well. I'm using some open strings in my solo, somtimes in the context of a chord shape.
The sustain and ringing quality of that sound can work especially well in slower tempos or rubato feels. Using a combination of pick and fingers will facilitate a balanced sound when combining open strings and fretted notes.
This tune (and my improvisation on it) has a few melodic minor chords (minor with a major 7th) and major triads with a flatted 9th in the bass. Both of these sounds appear often in modern jazz in a variety of contexts. You should be familiar with the scales and arpeggios that outline these harmonies. I discuss a variety of applications of the melodic minor scale and its modes later in this course; to get started with the basic fingerings, simply take a major scale and arpeggio and flat the 3rd. In terms of a major triad with a flat 9 (essentially a kind of altered dominant or diminished chord), finger a major triad (tonic, major 3rd, perfect 5th) and add the flatted 9th periodically (for example, C, E,G as a C major triad with a D flat). There are a number of other ways to generate altered dominant sounds using the melodic minor that I'll also discuss later. Combining major triads with combinations of raised and lowered 5ths and 9ths works well with the melodic minor to create interesting tension/resolution possibilities over dominant chords.