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Watch the Embellished Melody Breakdown online guitar lesson by John Stowell from Modern Chord Melody

Embellished Melody Breakdown Some other devices worth noting on the breakdown of the embellished melody: I'm using some glissandos, sliding up or down to a chord shape. This a very simple device that adds expression and nuance to any chord melody or progression. I tend to favor a slow vibrato if I use any at all, and I employ this device both with single notes and chords. Because this piece has such an open feel with lots of pauses, I'm using vibrato on a number of the chords that are held and sustained.
I also occasionally hammer a note to generate internal voice movement in some of the chords of this tune; as with any device that may begin as part of a learned arrangement, I've also found broader applications for this in other tunes, accompaniments and improvisations.
One of the benefits of acquiring a new chord fingering or skill such as hammering, vibrato or glissando is the ability to integrate these tools into a larger picture and a more general approach to composition and improvisation. If I become aware of a device or particular harmonic structure that I want to become better acquainted with, I'll seek out tunes that contain challenges that will help me develop in those areas, or I'll compose something that will facilitate my improvement in those same areas.