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Watch the Breakdown online guitar lesson by John Stowell from Modern Chord Melody

Ghost In the Corner Breakdown - This melody employs a few interesting devices. The opening bars use a progression that moves down chromatically with a simple repeated theme. I'm utilizing some tensions over the dominant chords, in several cases using the high E string to do so (over the A flat7#9#5 and the G 13#11). I've taken a cue from great composers in the past by trying to create basic variations on a motif to tie things together compositionally; ostinatos and repetition of a melody line with small displacements can be very effective.
Note the use of close intervals (the E natural and E flat together in the A maj#11 w/perfect 5th), and extended fingerings (B7#9#5). The chords that encompass these large stretches aren't comfortable for everyone. If a fingering isn't playable for you, it may become easier with practice. You may also play only a portion of the chord, or find an application higher up the neck in another key.