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Watch the Modal Improv Survival Guide online guitar lesson by Fareed Haque from Modal Improv Survival Guide

So there it is! If you've gotten here, you've hopefully gotten thru major scales and their modes - all over the neck - learned a good jam session tune, and how to solo over it with ease and creativity. The principles learned here can be applied to any scale. As we mentioned earlier, next up are melodic and harmonic minor scales and their modes, as well as diminished, augmented and wholetone scales and their modes. This course has only scratched the surface of Modal playing, but it has given you the guitaristic tools needed to take modal playing as far as you want. Keep in mind that we all can learn to read and write, but only some of us become great poets. So it is also with music. Always remember that a few good licks and a deep understanding of phrasing, articlulation, space and time, groove is more important than all the knowledge in the world. So use these tools wisely, carefully and sparingly!