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Watch the All 12 Keys online guitar lesson by Fareed Haque from Modal Improv Survival Guide

In order to put our 2-octave scale and mode work into action right away, lets return to our Maiden Voyage changes. A bit of music theory first. Each chord in Maiden Voyage is in its own key, so it is a good vehicle for us to practice major scales and modes. Dsus9 is like a D dom 9 chord with a 4th instead of a 3rd. D dom 9 is a version of D7, the 5th mode/chord built in the key of G. So our first key is the G. Fsus is the 5th chord/mode in the key of Bb, Then we go back to G and Bb for the repeat of the A section. The Bridge has two chords: Ebsus and C#min11. Ebsus comes from the 5th mode of Ab, C#min11 the 2nd mode of B major.