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Watch the Flat Nine Blues online guitar lesson by Frank Vignola from Jazz Up Your Blues

We as always start with the chords. Start by playing the G7 (b9) arpeggio in order to familiarize yourself with this cool gypsy sound. The melody starts with the G-Ab-G-F#-G phrase, then a little bluesy style run for the C7. Then a flat 9 flourish using the flat nine scale mixed with neighboring tones. Notice after the flourish we play a C9 chord adding a chord to solo. Then we play the C# diminished arpeggio then a cool little bluesy riff on the G. We are combining blues and jazz riffs. On the E7 we play the diminished scale. Whole step half step. We then add the chromatic scale to get to the next target tone of C on Am7 chord. Then we finish up with a cool, little Benson style blues lick and ending with the flat 9 sound. Whew... this one is a real eye opener as how to combine blues and jazz licks.