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Watch the Single Lines with online guitar lesson by Christopher Woitach from Jazz Textures

When we play chords for someone else's improvisation, it's referred to as "comping", which is the jazz term for accompanying an improvisation or a melody in an improvisatory fashion. This section is all about learning how to comp for your own improvisations. As a guitarist, you will find yourself in many situations where you are the only harmonic instrument, the economics of the music business, especially in the jazz world, dictate that often only one chordal instrument is on a gig. You might be playing solo, or as a duo, or in a combo with guitar instead of a keyboard. To prevent the harmonic bottom from falling out of the performance when the guitar takes a solo, we need to learn how to comp for ourselves. Here, in a clear and simple fashion, we'll learn how. As always, I'll play some example improvisations, and give you some examples to try yourselves. Don't forget, apply this to your own music!