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Watch the Major Family Chords online guitar lesson by Fareed Haque from Jazz Rock Workshop

Sam Smiley, one of my Graduate Students at NIU (a fine guitarist and composer too!) did the transcriptions for this course. He mentioned that it was relatively easy to transcribe what I played because even slowed down, my time was pretty clear.

It got me to thinking… where does the time come from? It's important to realize that time comes from both hands (well, and body, feet, brain and spirit too). It's important that the left hand (or fretting hand) have a clear impetus and direction. It dances!

For example, try lifting your finger on the "&" of the beat and landing with a "wump!" right on the beat. Do this systematically for all fingers, chords and all beats. This will ensure your hands (and mind!) are always prepared for what they intend to play, and that when you do play it happens with clarity and conviction.