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"Inner Urge" by Joe Henderson is a very important tune in that it uses many parallel chord changes, and implies many pentatonic applications. Here are the basic changes:

F# half-diminished- F maj7 - Eb Maj7 - Db Maj7
(Note the Major 7th chords going down in whole steps)

EMaj7 - C#Maj7 - DMaj7 - BMaj7 - CMaj7 - AMaj7 - BbMaj7 - GMaj7
(Note the pattern: Major 7 down a minor 3rd to Maj7 then up half step, then repeat)

Here is the melody:

F# half dim – think Am, so Am, Em or Bm pentatonics
F Maj7 – think Dm, so Dm, Am or Em pentatonic
Eb Maj7 – think Cm, so Cm, Gm or Dm pentatonic
Db Maj7 – think Bbm, so Bbm, Fm or Cm pentatonic

Here is the bridge:

EMaj7 – think C#m, so C#m, G#m, D#m pentatonics
C#Maj7 – think Bbm7, so Bbm, Fm and Cm pentatonics
DMaj7 – think Bm7, so Bm, F#m and C#m pentatonics
BMaj7 – think G#m7, so G#m, D#m and A#m pentatonics
C Maj7 – think Am7, so Am, Em and Bm pentatonics
AMaj7 – think F#m7, so F#, C# and G#m pentatonics
BbMaj7 – think Gm7, so Gm, Dm, and Am pentatonics
GMaj7 – think Em7, so Em, Bm and F#m pentatonics.