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Watch the Measures 19-20 online guitar lesson by Robert Conti from Jazz Master

Left Hand Fingering - All of my single note work employs a "Four Fret Fingering Grid" wherein a specific placement is assigned to each finger of the left hand. As an example, if I play a line in the fifth position: - The first finger is assigned to play all notes on the fifth fret. If the majority of the subject line remains in the fifth position and an incidental note is suddenly required on the fourth fret, the first finger moves temporarily out of position from the fifth fret to play any note(s) that may be required on the fourth fret. However, the first finger returns immediately to the fifth fret. - The second finger plays all notes on the sixth fret, and does not move to other frets. - The third finger plays all notes on the seventh fret, and does not move to other frets. - The fourth finger plays all notes on the eighth fret, and that finger may also move temporarily out of position to play an incidental note on the ninth fret, always returning immediately to the eighth fret. Right Hand Picking - As noted above, the issues of left hand fingering and positions are easily and clearly defined. However, picking technique always seems to cause a wide area of discussion as to the type of stroke, wrist movement, pick size etc. While I am not discounting the importance of efficient picking, the subject matter of this video is directed only toward playing lines. One extremely important component of my picking technique that I offer for your consideration is my usage of a very thin pick (specific size is .38MM).