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Watch the ii-V of IV to bVII online guitar lesson by Fareed Haque from Jazz Comping Survival Guide

This is probably the most common and least studied or even talked about common chord progression. Good tunes to practice that contain this chord progressions are Misty, All of Me, Cherokee, Just Friends. In many situations we will find a major key borrowing chords from its own paralell minor key. For example in the key of G one might use the chords from the key of Gm. A common example is borrowing the iv minor chord Cm in the key of G. Making a ii-V on that iv chord - say Cm to F7 is common. Since F7 is the flat 7 chord of Gm we call this iv-bVII. Sometimes folks call this a back door chord progression as it wants to get back to the home key through the 'back door' (bVII) instead of the front door (Good old V7). Someone's knocking at my door. Someone's ringing the bell. Open the door, and let 'em in, Ooh yeah.