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Watch the Fast Bebop Comping online guitar lesson by Andreas Oberg from Jazz Combustion

This tune is in Bb and begins with an A section consisting of the following chords: Bbmaj7, Fm7, B7, Ebmaj7, Ab7, Gm7, C7, Cm7, G7, Cm7 and F7. This A section is repeated, with Cm7, F7 and Bbmaj7 to end the section the second time.

The B section, or bridge, begins with a ii-V-I move in B major: C#min7, F#7 and Bmaj7 followed by the same progression in A major: Bm7, E7 and Amaj7. The progression then moves to G major – Am7, D7 and Gmaj7, followed by two quick ii-V moves: Gm7 to C7 and Cm7 to F7.