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Watch the Vertical Movement online guitar lesson by Frank Vignola from Inversion Excursion

Up until now we have been looking at the fingerboard and these inversions in a horizontal manner. In this segment we look at the fingerboard vertically moving across the fingerboard instead of up and down the fingerboard. In this segment we work with the dominant 7. Start with the C dominant 7th in 2nd inversion on the bottom four strings with the G in the bass on the low E string. Move to the 3rd inversion on the next four strings. Then the C dominant 7th root position on middle set of 4 strings moving to the next inversion on the next set of four strings. Start each vertical moving inversion exercise on the various intervals. First on the lowest four strings. Then on the next set of four strings, etc... These vertical segments will round out your knowledge of the fingerboard giving you a complete look at the fingerboard through chord inversions.
Also, check out moving horizontal and vertical in one study. For instance, play chord on the lowest four strings root position. Then 1st inversion on the lowest four strings. Then 2nd inversion on next set of four strings (2,3,4,5). Then 3rd inversion on this same set of strings. Then change to next set of four strings (1,2,3,4) and play the next inversion and so on. A great exercise and a wonderful way to put the finishing touches on your studies of the fingerboard through inversions.