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Watch the I IV V Progression online guitar lesson by Frank Vignola from Inversion Excursion

In this next segment we start to connect the chords and inversions using the I-IV-V progression or C-F-G chords. We start with the C major triad in root position on the high three strings (1,2,3). Then we play the next chord (F triad) as close to or simply close to the C chord which would be the F triad in 2nd inversion with the C note on the third string on the 5th fret. This is the same C note that is the root of the C triad. Then the same with the G triad using the B note on the third string on the 4th fret which is the 1st inversion of the G triad.
Start each I-IV-V progression with the different inversions on the C triad and play the three different chords (C triad, F triad and G triad) close together in proximity on the fingerboard as shown in the video segment. Basically, we are starting to play progressions using all the inversions we have gone over in this course. We play the progressions in all positions on all string sets.
Also, try the minor chords as well with this jam track. C minor to F minor to G dominant 7th in all the positions. Then try the extended chords such as C major 7th to F major 7th to G dominant 7th. Unlimited possibilities. Try C dominant 7th to F dominant 7th to G dominant 7th which is the blues as you will hear. Then move on to C other extended chords such as C major 9th to F minor 9th to G dominant 7th. Make up your own I-IV-V combinations. It's like a Chinese restaurant. One from column A and 2 from column B. Go for it using different jam tracks and all the different chord types.