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Watch the Cycle ot 4ths online guitar lesson by Frank Vignola from Inversion Excursion

Now it's time to mix and match the different chord types. I suggest you write down a random mixing of different chords. Example- C major 7th - Fmin7 - Bb dominant 7 - Eb triad - Ab minor 9 - Db dominant 13 - Gb major 7th - B dominant 9 - E major 6th - A major 6th - D triad - G major 7. The combinations are just about endless.
Start with a pattern of moving back and forth between pre-determined chord types. An example is if we pick Major 7th to Minor 7th you would essentially play Cmaj7-Fmin7-Bbmaj7-Ebmin7, etc...
You can also use this track to brush up on more complicated chord types like dominant #9. C7(#9) to F7(#9) to Bb7(#9) etc...
Don't forget:
1- Stay in close proximity to the chord you are currently on moving the least amount of frets possible.
2- Move from one set of strings to another for each chord change. Example-C minor triad in root position on the first 3 strings. When moving to the F minor triad try playing it in root position on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th strings. Move back and forth between the string groups to further your knowledge of the fingerboard and the inversions.
3- Move between the different chord types. Example--C minor triad to F minor 7 to Bb minor 9 to Eb minor triad, etc... Try this with all the different chord types and extensions.
Go for it!