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Watch the C7#5 Chords online guitar lesson by Frank Vignola from Inversion Excursion

The sharp 5 chord referred to as augmented is a tonal center we need to be familiar with. The sharp 5 chord is derived from the whole tone scale. The whole tone scale is made up of whole steps hence the whole tone scale. The scale is as follows: C - D - E - F# - G# - A#(Bb) - C. There are only two whole tone scales. The other is Db - Eb - F - G - A - B - Db. Between these two whole tone scales all 12 notes that make up all music are covered.
The spelling of a C sharp 5 chord is: C-E-G# or 1-3-#5. We are going to go through these and the C dominant #5 or C7(#5) also referred to as Caug7 and sometimes even C7(+5). Either way, we go through a heap of augmented chords on all string types. Get used to the sound by playing the whole tone scale listed above both vertically and horizontally.