Watch the C Major 7 Chord Inversions online guitar lesson by Frank Vignola from Inversion Excursion

Now it's time to practice these inversions with a jam track. Start by strumming or hybrid finger/pick strum 4 or 8 beats per inversion moving to each inversion in a smooth and effortless manner. When learning something new, we tend to tighten up putting way too much pressure on the guitar neck which in turn makes it harder to play smoothly. Relax while making the move in between inversions and concentrate on trying not to squeeze the guitar neck too hard.
These major 7th chords are great for playing pads or playing the inversion and letting the chord ring. They are pretty sounding chords and can be used to great effect. Also using the half step approach by playing the chord one fret or half step above then sliding down to play the applicable chord. Example: C# major 7th to a C major 7th chord is a nice effect. These are also cool chords to add a bit of chorus or flange.