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Watch the C Dominant 11 and #11 Chord online guitar lesson by Frank Vignola from Inversion Excursion

These are our first introduction to 6 note chords adding 3 extensions to the triad. It is fascinating how it keeps coming back to the triad which is why it is so important to know those triads inside and out. The notes of the 11 chords are: C-E (or Eb)-G-Bb (or B)-D (or Db or D#(Eb)) and F (or F#). 1-3-5-7-9-11. The 7th can be flatted or not. You can add an 11th or #11th to either major or minor chord type. The 9th can be flatted, natural or sharp.
Examples - C major 7th with the added 9 and #11, C dominant 9 with an added 11, C dominant 7 with an added flat 9 and #11. The point is that the 3, 7, 9 can be altered while adding either the 11th or sharp 11.
In this segment, I take you through a bunch of different inversions and variations to get this great sound. There are too many options to go through in one course. Take it slow and perhaps each week for the next 10 years you can add another 11 inversion to your tool box. For each inversion, look at the chord and pick out each of the chord tones naming the notes.