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Watch the Sonora Spring: Solo Section online guitar lesson by John Jorgenson from Gypsy Jazz Journeys: Sonora Spring

One of the unique things that a guitar can do is play two notes in unison, and it's especially cool if one of those notes is open because it has such a ringing sound. For this next phrase, I'm using the open E and letting it ring through the entire time, and the chords are moving from a Cmaj7 to a D6. So, I'm starting with an E on the B string and an open E on the high E string, and I'm going to move the fretted note between the E (5th fret) and the G (8th fret) on the B string while on the C chord. On the D chord, I move the fretted note between F# (7th fret) and A (10th fret). This gives us a bit of a twang and a more colorful sound.

You'll notice that I'm doing an odd thing in the rhythm in this lick, playing 3 against 4, there being 4 beats in the measure but I'm playing a phrase in 3 over it. That sounds complicated, but all it does is make the phrase not sound so blocky.

Then, for the very final lick, something very characteristic of Django Reinhardt and gypsy jazz, a sweeping lick where you start with an upstroke and the play consecutive downstrokes, and then an upstroke. So, it goes: up-down-down-down-up and repeats. It's very, very fast. At speed, you don't hear each individual note. So, there you go - you have the whole solo now!