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Watch the Sonora Spring: Verse 2 online guitar lesson by John Jorgenson from Gypsy Jazz Journeys: Sonora Spring

The second phrase of the higher octave melody in Verse 2 is again the same phrasing as the lower octave version, but just moved up.

On the B7 chord, we start up on the 14th fret of the high E string, moving to the 12th fret of the B string, back to the E string where there's a quick hammer-and-pull between the 11th and 12th fret, then back to the 12th fret on the B string. We then go to the 10th fret on the B string, then go to the 11th fret on the G string and then D# on the 8th fret. This is all a B7 arpeggio. We hit the B at the 9th fret of the D string, and slide between the 8th and 7th fret (major 7th to 7th). Finally, play a chromatic line on the A string from the 9th fret to the 6th fret (the 5th to the 3rd).

You'll notice in this style that it's rare that you'll just sit on a note without either sliding up or doing a turn, a bend, etc. On an acoustic instrument, you don't have the sustain, whammy bar, or any of the effects you might have on an electric, so you need these things to keep the music lively and propel the melody forward.