Watch the Minor Conversion online guitar lesson by James Hogan from 50 Jazz Rock Licks You MUST Know

Pat Martino has forgotten more about guitar than most of us will ever know. During the recording of his classic 1976 fusion album "Joyous Lake" Pat began to suffer from extreme headaches and mood swings. (As a side note, this album has given me many headaches as well in regard to transcribing his ferocious lines!) Unfortunately, Pat’s condition deteriorated in the late 70‘s and eventually led to him undergoing emergency brain surgery as the result of a near fatal brain tumor and brain aneurysm. The surgery left Pat with amnesia and he had no memory of the guitar or his musical career! Fortunately, with the help of friends, family, computers, and years of shedding his old recordings, Martino is back to playing better than ever!

This lick features Pat’s unique linear approach to playing lines. He has an interesting way of converting everything to minor which definitely sets his playing apart and makes him instantly recognizable. All alternate picking here folks! That’s another trademark aspect of Pat’s style. Like Pat, you should try this lick over Amin6, D9 and F#min7b5. These chords all share similar notes."

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