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Watch the Lydian Pentatonic online guitar lesson by James Hogan from 50 Jazz Rock Licks You MUST Know

One of my favorite harmonic devices involves playing a minor pentatonic scale a half-step lower than the root of a major 7 chord to outline the chord’s extensions. For example, you can play a B minor pentatonic scale over a Cmaj7 chord to imply a modal Lydian sound. This will give you the 7, 9, 3, #11, and 13 of the chord. This sound is particularly useful in situations where you would typically play a Lydian scale (1-2-3-#4-5-6-7) such as over a IV major 7, a static major 7 chord, or specifically a Maj7#11 chord.

In this lick I’m playing a B minor pentatonic scale in fourths over a Cmaj7 chord. This outlines the sound of the C Lydian scale (C-D-E- F#-G-A-B) and it’s a concept I snagged from Scott Henderson. "