Watch the 50 Jazz Rock Licks online guitar lesson by James Hogan from 50 Jazz Rock Licks You MUST Know

Hi, I’m James Hogan and welcome to 50 Jazz Rock Licks You Must Know. This course is designed around fifty of my very favorite licks and phrases from such legendary fusion guitarists as John McLaughlin, Larry Coryell, Allan Holdsworth, Jeff Beck, Pat Martino, Al DiMeola, Larry Carlton, Jay Graydon, Pat Metheney, Robben Ford, John Scofield, Mike Stern, Frank Gambale, and Scott Henderson to name a few!

I’ve also thrown in licks from lesser known but equally important jazz rock guitarists such as Bill Connors, Carlos Rios, Steve Khan, Hiram Bullock and Tommy Bolin.

If that’s not enough there are some killer licks from Miles Davis, Michael Brecker, Jan Hammer and Chick Corea too!

Some of the techniques I’ll be covering in this course include legato playing, alternate picking, sweep picking, hybrid picking, string skipping, bending and vibrato bar techniques, among others. In addition, we’ll dive into the world of the melodic minor, dominant bebop and half-whole diminished scales and we’ll explore some exotic pentatonics and a few cool chord tricks.

Whether you’re an intermediate player in need of some new ideas or a seasoned pro just looking for a refresher, I think you’ll get a lot out of the material I’ll be presenting here in this 50 Jazz Rock Licks course.

For the record, all of the licks are laid out for you in both tablature and standard notation, and I’ve included 50 really nice backing tracks for you to jam along with at home!

So without further adieu I present to you 50 Jazz Rock Licks You Must Know. Let’s get to it!

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