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Watch the True Blue Minor online guitar lesson by Tom Dempsey from 30 Jazz Arpeggio Licks You MUST Know

When considering our minor keys, we have to remember that unlike the major key, our diatonic chords in a minor key can be derived one of three different minor scales or a combination of them. In this example, we have an idea that is derived out of the chords that come from the harmonic minor scale. We know this because we have Amin7b5, D7b9, and GminMaj7. All of these chords are diatonic to the G harmonic minor scale. You'll notice the arpeggios being used include the Amin7b5 arpeggio, the D7 arpeggio, the Adim7 arpeggio over the D7b9, and we cadence with the GminMaj7 arpeggio. The combination of all of these arpeggios give this line a unique sound.