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Watch the The Minor 7th Chord online guitar lesson by Frank Vignola from 1-2-3 Jazz Guitar

In this segment I show you the Minor 7th chord. We will use the A minor 7th chord for our demonstration. Place your 2nd finger on the 5th fret of the 6th string at the root of the chord- A. The 3rd finger creates a "bar" and is used to fret the 4th, 3rd and the 2nd string at the 5th fret. You will note again that we dampen the 5th and the top string naturally with the flesh of our fingers to mute the strings that we are not using for this chord. Be sure to get a nice clean sound from each note when you strum it. This is another movable chord with the root or name of the chord taken from the note played on the 6th string. So, you can move this chord up and down the neck and whatever the note is that you are playing on the 6th string is the name of the cord. In this example it is an A minor 7th.