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Watch the Major Chords: A online guitar lesson by Frank Vignola from 1-2-3 Jazz Chord Melody

Now let's move the moveable major chord forms to the key of A. We're going to start in the open A position with the maj7 using the 3rd on top, because if we started on the root note, on the A, there's no way we can get all the way up there, that's not practical. So the reason why I chose the key of A is to show you that we're going to use practical ranges, and in all the charts and all 12 keys that you'll reference in your chord charts you'll notice that we use practical ranges, basically up to the 15th or 17th fret.

In this particular case we'll start on the Amaj7, with the 3rd on top. You might notice this is an open position. If we take our Cmaj7, a chord that most people know, you get your open position. That's why it may look a little funny compared to the other one. We're going to take this and go up to the 12th fret.

Let's get the metronome going, remember to visualize the next chord to get a nice clean transition between chords, and cleanliness is very important to playing chord melody, so please keep that in mind. Here we go.