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Watch the Tall & Tan online guitar lesson by Fareed Haque from 1-2-3 Bossa Nova

Note the Gb9b5 chord I use to get back to the top. This is a bit unusual, but it sounds so nice. It’s substituted for a C7 chord, called a tritone sub since it is a Gb it is a tritone (a tri-tone is a fancy name for an augmented 4th, or diminished 5th) away from C. For those of you into theory - note that the guide tones or 3rd and 7th of C7 are the same as the 7th and 3rd of Gb7. So this is a Gb7, but the 3rd - Bb - has been replaced with the 9th - Ab. Tricky! But don't sweat the theory, just learn the grip and throw it in as a V chord, hopefully your ear will do the rest!