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Guitar Song Lessons

About Guitar Song Lessons

TrueFire’s guitar song lesson library has a variety of song-centric video lessons ranging across all levels, techniques, and styles.

TrueFire's guitar song lessons also teach you the underlying techniques and approaches for a deeper learning experience. Guitar song lessons include interactive tab, notation, and jam tracks. You can also loop any section or slow the video and audio down so you can learn at your own pace.

Grab your guitar, choose a guitar song lesson below, and dig in!

NOTE! This guitar song lesson directory is under construction as we add existing guitar song lessons and produce new ones, so please stay tuned for more!

What songs would you like us to do guitar lessons on? Please fill out our quick survey to submit your requests!

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Lesson Types

Rhythm Covers - Learn the chord progressions and rhythm patterns used in hundreds of popular songs. Great for jamming!

Song Elements - Learn licks, solos, and other guitar parts inspired by various artists’ songs and recordings.

Fingerstyle Covers - Learn fingerstyle arrangements to develop your fingerstyle chops and play them for family, friends, and solo gigs.

Note-for-Note - Learn note-for-note versions of songs to build your repertoire and transfer that knowledge to your own songs and playing.

Chord Melody Covers - Learn chord melody arrangements to develop your command of harmony. Play solo or with the band!

All Guitar Song Lessons

Lesson Title Song Based On Artist Inspired By

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