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Watch the Elements In Sheet Music online guitar lesson by TrueFire from The Indispensable Toolbox for Guitarists

Elements In Sheet Music - is a video guitar lesson presented by Rich Maloof and is sourced from Acoustic Guitar For Beginners.

Music can be represented on the written page in several different ways. And when a piece of sheet music also represents where a guitarist should put his/her fingers, the page can look like a bunch of hieroglyphics. None of it is really very complicated though, so let's look at the elements commonly used.
CHORD GRIDS - graphic representation of the guitar neck, showing where to place your fingers.
SLASH CHORDS - a chord name separated by the bass note to be used, such as G/B or Am/G. Sometimes the slash is spoken as "over" - as in "G over B" or "A minor over G".
CHORD NAMES ABOVE LYRICS - refers to the chord grids usually.
TABLATURE - a graphic system for representing notes on the neck of the guitar.
MEASURE or BAR - unit of time comprised of a fixed number beats.
RHYTHM SLASHES - Basic way of showing beats or strums.