Watch the Bending Notes online guitar lesson by TrueFire from The Indispensable Toolbox for Guitarists

Bending Notes - Concept 13 is a video guitar lesson presented by Jennifer Batten and is sourced from Rock Sauce For Lead Guitar.

Bending notes allows a higher level of expression than to just play one note and then the next. It gives you more freedom like a vocalist has, to gliss from one note to the next. To practice, play your target note before bending, to get it into your ear. Then bend a lower pitch up to match the target pitch.

Different permutations would be:

Bend up and stop (mute) or bend up and then go to another note.
Bend up before picking, then release the bend.
Bend up and down.
Bend up and down and then continue higher either by doing a larger bend in the same position, or sliding to the next scale tone on the same string and bending that.