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Watch the Street Theory for Guitarists online guitar lesson by Jeff Scheetz from Street Theory for Guitarists

Hi, I'm Jeff Scheetz, and welcome to Street Theory for Guitarists! Learning and applying music theory can be really intimidating, and frustrating for many guitar players. It's a huge subject with a ton of concepts and applications. But, how do you know which ones will have the most immediate impact on your playing? Street Theory for Guitarists solves that problem. We'll cover the most practical and useful applications of theory, and show you how it all works on guitar.

For example, we'll cover intervals and how to quickly visualize them on guitar. You'll learn the formula for constructing chords so you can play them anywhere on the neck, and I'll show you how to create chord scales so you can crack the code to the most popular chord progressions.

You'll learn how to quickly determine what key your favorite songs are in so you can make proper chord selections and choose the correct scales to solo with. We'll also work on chord concepts like extended and altered chords, slash, add, and sus chords. I'll even show you how to use inversions to create cool rhythm parts.

You'll learn all 7 patterns of the major scale, and all 5 patterns for the minor pentatonic, major pentatonic, and blues scales. I'll show you how to create more interesting rhythm parts using voice leading, and three different methods to unlock the improvisational power of modes.

These are just a few of the concepts and applications we'll cover here in Street Theory for Guitarists. The course is packed with on-screen diagrams and animations, you'll get a massive manual with charts and neck diagrams, and all of the key examples are tabbed and notated. Plus, you'll get all the jam tracks to work with on your own. Grab your toys, let's make some noise!