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Watch the Weepy Guitar online guitar lesson by Jeff McErlain from Soloing the Changes

The first thing we can do is play an A minor blues scale over this chord progression and sound perfectly good just like Eric did. Or as usual, we can dig a little deeper. The first chord that jumps out at me in this progression is the E7 chord resolving back to the A minor chord. This is a classic V7 to Im resolution found in the A harmonic minor scale, ABCDEFG#A.

Now, we're trying not to think about scales, right? We want to think about chord tones, adding the note that jumps out, which is the G#. Using the methodology we have been implementing thus far, play through the chord progression and be sure to hit that note, G#, every time you play through it. What's really fun is the more you do this, the more you hear these changes and the more the opportunities open up.